Acres and an Ox

The Skype part of our telemedicine project has worked well, but unfortunately thus far we have not been able to transmit view able ultrasound images.  Meanwhile K2 TASO working with support from us via a Rotary International grant has re-started the long delayed IRS (Indoor Residual Spraying) operation in the Mtunthama area.  To date over 2200 dwellings have been sprayed, protecting approximately 15, 500 people from malaria.  Peter Minjale has identified at least 36 farmers for our Land Lease program.  We have authorized him to add another 14 if he can find suitable candidates.  We have also begun a new initiative to help farmers cultivate more efficiently with consequent improvement in crop yields and areas under cultivation.  This new program called “…Acres and an Ox…” will provide an ox and a plow to 6 villages initially (we will expand the program through “pass-on” of first born as well as when funds become available) to help the poor farmers in the Mtunthama area who currently plant their crops using a hoe and their backs.