Wash Well Program


We are partnered with the Wash Well program. Wash Well works to promote hand washing education and disease prevention among Africa’s children.


Dear Team, 

I want to thank you for supporting Wash Well thus far. We have made a big difference thus far, and still have a ways to go. Every dollar counts. 
Exciting updates: 
  • With donations to date, we will have reached 2,500 children by July 1.  
  • In the last 2 months, there have been ZERO kids with diarrhea or pneumonia who have taken part in our handwashing curriculum. 
  • The Malawi newspapers wrote an article on our efforts in Sunday’s newspaper. 
On average, it costs $150 to support 1 orphanage for 3-5 months with soap and Wash Well’s handwashing education curriculum.  We have submitted 2 grant requests that are still pending. 
We need your help to support the children in Malawi. Every dollar counts for this lifelong habit. 
Be Well, 
Lauren Rissman