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Welcome to Bridges To Malawi

We are a small committed group of American health care professionals and extraordinary Malawians. With your help, we are making a difference in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world.

This is a land of hardworking subsistence farmers, beset by drought and lack of resources.

Every contribution – from malaria treatment, to hand pumps for irrigation, to $10 microfinance loans – makes a major improvement in these family’s lives.

Bridges to Malawi is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit

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IT Education and Laptop Donation Trip – Jan 2023

For further details and photos, see our January 2023 Detailed Trip Presentation slides.

Trip Objectives:

  1. Communicate program objectives to beneficiary school leadership
  2. Observe school’s implementation of Information/Computer Technology (ICT) studies
  3. Evaluate solar power systems
  4. Add projector and 5 additional laptops to each school
  5. Offer professional development (PD) to beneficiary school teachers
  6. Enhance female student ICT studies and access
  7. Offer model lessons to beneficiary school students
  8. Build collaborative relationships within Malawi
  9. Build efficiencies within ICT technician team

To learn more about our technology initiatives, visit the Laptop Donation/Education page.

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“We are all optimistic for a better Malawi. A new Malawi without scarcity of hospital items, new Malawi without corruption, new Malawi without significant famine, new Malawi without nepotism, new Malawi which will create job opportunities, new Malawi which will offer quality education to its people and indeed new Malawi which will respect human rights. We pray for our Mother Malawi to favour the disadvantaged especially those in rural settings”
Peter Minjale, Director, K2Tigwaranamanja AIDS Support Organization

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