High School Contest


Annual High School Contest: High school juniors and seniors from the following Massachusetts schools, Hudson HS, Nashoba Regional HS, and Marlborough HS have the opportunity to participate in our annual contest. Participants pay a registration fee and attend two 3 hour long lecture sessions on 2 different weekend days in early-mid November.  One set of lectures is taught by Dr. Lisse at a medical school level on diseases, such as malaria, parasitic infections, TB, and HIV/AIDS which are all too common in the Developing World.  The other set of lectures is on all things Malawi (economy, geography, history, culture, etc.) and is taught by Dr. Hangen.  Following the second set of lectures, the students are given a multiple choice test and the person who achieves the highest score gets to  go to Malawi for free with the medical mission team. Other participants of the contest are invited to come along but must pay their own way. Almost all choose to come along.  We take a maximum of 10 students altogether.  This once in a lifetime experience for these high school juniors and seniors is life changing—intended to help produce the next generation of those dedicated to making the world a better place.

Student Testimonials