Raising Money

We have now raised enough money for 247 goats to be passed on to poor farmers.  Thanks so much for your help!

To See the Pictures:  Goat Pass Program Pictures 2016

We have also started a microcredit bank funded with $3,000 of Bridges to Malawi donations.  Our first loans are out to several groups of poor farm women in the Mtunthama area.  One of the endeavors we are funding is the local production and sale of “mooncatchers,”   a reusable washable menstrual pad which makes it possible for girls in the area to continue to attend school, even when they are menstruating (access to feminine hygiene products is very limited in this area of Malawi). See link for further info http://mooncatchers.weebly.com/

The severe drought and consequent famine continues to plague Malawi.  For this reason we have now donated a total of $8600 towards the direct purchase and distribution of maize (corn) working through our K2 TASO partners.  We have also donated another $1000 designated for the purchase of materials for construction of 4 irrigation projects powered by treadle (foot powered) pumps planned for 3 villages.

We are in the process of arranging donation of 20 laptop computers/tablets to 2 different schools (10 per school) loaded with educational software.  One such set will be solar powered because of the lack of electricity in the destination village.

Our last tuition payment for Priscilla, the orphan we have been sponsoring, was just sent today.  She will have a degree in hospitality management and we wish her all the best!