March 4, 2021

Dear Brian,

I am glad to inform you that Yesterday, Vuto (our agriculture field officer) and I went to Kasikidzi farm where we are raising the six dairy cows after donating the twenty four dairy cows to the beneficiary farmers.

It was such a productive visit as we had to meet the government employed Veterinary Officer, Mr. Chikafalimani and Crop husbandry officer, Mr. Lungu. With these officers we had to move around the farmland to identify a place where we will erect the Hydroponics structure.

Currently we have a total of 21 cows which are pregnant.

Finally I wish to thank BTM for your support towards this project as currently we have 24 dairy cow beneficiaries. Our vision is to ensure in future the farmers corperative in conjunction with K2 TASO should come up with processing plants for various milk products.

Very best wishes,