December 27, 2021


Dear Brian,

On behalf of K2 TASO and as indicated in our skype chats three days ago, I am pleased to inform you that we procured cows for 36 new dairy cow farmers making a total of Mtunthama Mulatho Milk Bulking Group as 60 when added to the first 24 farmers.

WHY THE MILK BULKING GROUP IS CAALD MTUNTHAMA MLATHO? Mlatho in English is ‘Bridge’ and the farmers and K2 TASO unanimously came up with this ‘Bridge’ name in recognition of Bridges To Malawi (BTM) for the timely support towards this important dairy project.

It is our K2 TASO’s expectation that we will have further increased animal population by the end of 2022 hence having more milk production to meet the milk processing volume requirements.

Finally let me assure you and the rest of BTM that we will work hard to ensure success of this dairy cow project here in Malawi as we plan to grower bigger than now. Thanks to BTM.

Kind Regards,

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