2018 Program Updates

JANUARY 2018: According to Peter Minjale, we have achieved an 85% saturation rate of donated goats in the area we work. Given the reproductive rate of goats, this means that there will be an approximately 95% saturation rate within 6 months. As a consequence, we are phasing out the BTM goat pass on program at this time. In the next 12 months without further expenditure, we will meet our overall goal of a goat for every poor family in the part of the Kasungu East District we cover. Thanks to all for their donations and support!

2017 Programs Update

Dear Friends of Bridges to Malawi,
It’s getting close to Thanksgiving so it’s a good time for us at Bridges to Malawi to take time to thank you for your past support. I wanted to take this moment to bring you up to date with all we have accomplished from our beginnings to date, while, of course, also asking for your further help. We have accomplished a tremendous amount in a short time and could never have done so much without you.

a) 6 Medical Mission Trips since 2012
b) Over $ 25,000 in Medications, Medical Equipment (including an ultrasound machine), and Medical Supplies donated to St. Andrews Hospital, K2 TASO, and Kasungu District Hospital
c) Over 40 High School Students have travelled with us to Malawi as part of a BTM trip
d) 510 Goats Donated in our pass-on program, providing milk, manure, and a new revenue source to over 3,500 People (and counting!)
e) 23,000 People Protected from malaria via Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS). Malaria rates decreased by 85% in 18 villages
f) 18 Cows and 9 Ploughs Donated to help over 1100 People in 6 villages providing milk, manure, improved cultivation, and transport of goods to market.
g) 8 Irrigation Systems to help over 56 People grow crops even in the midst of famine induced by drought.
h) 180 Businesses Started as a result of 1st time $10 Loans (all paid back) from our Micro-Credit Bank. There have been an additional 160 2nd time $15 Loans (85% paid back so far). Our bank has helped over 1100 People improve their economic well-being.
i) Through Land Lease we have helped keep over 525 of the Poorest stay on their farms despite a terrible drought induced famine while helping them actually improve their nutritional status and economic well being.
j) Over $16,000 Donated to Direct Famine Relief, saving countless lives during the most recent famine
k) In 2017 we constructed “Cindy’s House,” future insurance against the next famine by providing a facility for surplus grain storage. It also will provide space for the Mooncatcher Program (see below) and for Palliative Care Therapy sessions.
l) Over 120 Solar Powered Flashlights Donated to poor farm families, decreasing the need for fuel to light a house at night and thus also allowing children to study after dark.
m) 10 Laptops and a Solar Powered 8 Tablet System Donated to 2 secondary schools respectively
n) A Bubble CPAP Machine (Pumani) to help keep premature newborns alive until their lungs have developed properly to ensure survival without help was donated to St. Andrews Hospital through our efforts. Over 100 neonates saved
o) The Mooncatcher Program, providing free Reusable Menstrual Pads to school-age girls, was brought to Mtunthama through our financial and logistical support. Over 300 made and donated so far.