William Kamkwamba Lecture Schedule

February 20, 2017:

William’s lecture schedule was very successful!  He raised over $4600!  He also kindly agreed to join our Bridges to Malawi board.  Thanks to everyone who helped make his tour possible and successful! 

January 1, 2017:  We are pleased to announce that William Kamkwamba will be giving a series  of talks in the Boston and Metro West area from January 14th through Jan 21st.  William wrote the book “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind,” and grew up in Wimbe a village we serve.  We highly recommend you try to attend one of these talks.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THE CAMBRIDGE PUBLIC LIBRARY TALK HAS BEEN MOVED FROM JAN 16 TO JAN 21 FROM 3PM-4:30PM.  William will autograph your copy of his book for free.  In addition, used copies of his book will be on sale for $40 apiece; William will sign them for you at the time of purchase.


Jan 14    Hudson Library  2 pm  3 Washington St, Hudson, MA 01749

(978) 568-9644

Jan 15  First United Methodist Church, Hudson    10:45 am  34 Felton St, Hudson, MA 01749;
(978) 562-2932

Jan 17  Nashoba Regional High School  7 PM       50 Mechanic St, Bolton, MA 01740&; (978) 779-0539 

Jan 18  United Parish of Auburndale   7 PM    64 Hancock St, Newton, MA 02466; 617-964-8516.

Jan 19  Bolton Public Library   7 PM     738 Main St, Bolton, MA 01740  978-779-2839

Jan 20  Hudson High School 7 PM    69 Brigham St, Hudson, MA 01749  978-567-6250

Jan 21  Cambridge Public Library  3PM-4:30 pm    449 Broadway 02138  (617)-349-4040