Please help us make life better for the poor people of Malawi!  Thank You.

Bridges to Malawi appreciates your support and donations.  You can donate to the general fund and we will use it on the most pressing current need. 100% of all donations go straight to the projects. All administrative costs are paid for by our board members.

  • Malaria Spraying (IRS): We are also endeavoring to prevent malaria by undertaking indoor residual spraying (IRS) as a means of killing the mosquitoes that transmit the malaria. This involves application of a long-lasting contact killing insecticide on the inside walls of dwellings and other structures in malaria prevalent villages. The insecticide and techniques used are those mandated by the WHO and the government of Malawi. Working through a Rotary International grant with our K2 TASO partners and the Lilongwe Rotary Club , we have been instrumental in the protection of approximately  25,000 people in 9 villages until November of 2018 with a plan to continue and expand this program beyond then.
  • Irrigation Projects: We are helping build 2 new treadle pump-run irrigation projects in addition to the 6 we’ve already funded. An irrigation project costs $250 apiece
  • Land Lease: In order to help improve local nutrition and prevent future famines, we are instituting a new program called “Land Lease,” which pays 50 of the poorest farmers where we work to grow the high-nutrition drought-resistant crops we choose on a half acre of their land rather than the traditional maize (corn) or tobacco. This will also include the planting of 10 or more trees on each farmer’s land. Approximately 350 people will benefit from this pilot program, which we plan to expand if successful.  $140 will keep a farm family on their land for a year and enable them to grow soybeans and plant trees.
  • Cows and Ploughs:  Currently most of the subsistence farmers in Malawi (80% of the population) plant their crops using their backs and a hoe.  We wish to help them cultivate more efficiently`by purchasing two cows and a plow for villages in need to be shared  by large groups of farmers.  This will ultimately be a pass-on program like our goat initiative.  The milk and manure from the cows will be shared as well.   A cow/bull costs $250 and a plow costs $120.
Malaria Spraying ($92,500 annually)
Irrigation Project ($250)
Land Lease Program: help keep poor farm families on their land while improving their nutrition and planting trees ($140 per family per year)
Cows and Plows Program: 1 plow $120, 1 cow/bull $250, 1 village (plow and 2 cows/bulls $620)