Dairy Cooperative

Starting in 2019, we began a dairy cooperative project.  The program looks to create dairy farms as a new business opportunity for Malawians that will produce milk and other dairy products at a much larger scale than a single household. In addition to dairy products, the manure from the cows are a natural replacement to chemical-based fertilizers. The leftover manure can also serve as biofuel, which produces less methane than just leaving the manure alone. We are establishing a demonstration farm as part of this project, which will be a multi-year endeavor.  We hope to donate a herd of 30 cows who will be producing milk by early Spring of 2021.

As of April 2020 construction of the Ernest and Alma DeRuyter milking parlor has been completed, with the construction of the Allan, Morris, and Kitty Lisse & Leon and Adeline Kochman kraal now completed. A dairy cooperative has been formed, artificial insemination and animal husbandry training has been initiated, and a water supply provided when a well (borehole) was drilled and a solar powered submersible pump and water tanks installed.

May 21, 2020


Big  news!  As we speak, we are in the process of purchasing 30 dairy heifers  in Southern Malawi for our dairy project.  The Malawi Ministry of Agriculture is very excited about our initiative and is assisting us with the cow transport.  We hope to have the heifers transported to to our farm at Kasikidzi over the weekend.  Our staff will take all necessary precautions to avoid getting or bringing COVID19 to Mtunthama. In the next few months we will have finished constructing facilities for processing the milk (minus refrigeration, yogurt making, and pasteurizing , which we hope to donate in about 9 months, if we can raise enough money to do so (it’ll cost about $60,000 altogether).  The milk will provide protein and income for many farm families. Click on below to see some of our new beauties!

Heifer identification

Pictures below (finished Kraal, submersible water pump, water tanks and artificial insemination training sent April 2020)