About Our Mission

Bridges to Malawi is an organization with several missions.

1. Improve the provision of medical care to the people of Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world

This is done by recruiting American healthcare providers with various abilities/specialties to travel to Malawi and work closely with members of the over-worked and under-resourced Malawian healthcare system, by providing as much material support as possible via acquisition of desperately needed medical supplies and medications, and by promoting cross-cultural healthcare educational opportunities in which providers can exchange knowledge and skills, thus enhancing the clinical capabilities of the members of each group.

2. Recruit a select few American high school juniors/seniors, by means of an annual scholarship competition, to travel with one of the medical teams going to Malawi

This provides an experience-of-a-lifetime for the student, who is thus immersed in the cultures of modern medicine and of Malawi at the same time. This extraordinary high school opportunity promotes a greater understanding in America of the desperate needs of the people of Malawi while fostering a lifelong desire in the student to help provide medical care to the least fortunate and most medically under-served people of the world.

3. Provide, in a holistic fashion, as many sustainable development opportunities as possible to the poor farmers of the Kasungu East District

This includes, but is not limited to, establishment and maintenance of a microcredit bank, goat, cow, and chicken pass-on project (similar to that of the Heifer Project), irrigation projects, direct famine relief (when needed), seed/implement provision, temporary direct farm support payments (to help farmers stay on the land and survive drought induced famine while encouraging changes in crop choice to improve nutrition), provision of cows and ploughs to help promote better nutrition and economic well being by turning 1 crop years into 2-3 crop years, solar powering schools and donating laptops filled with educational software, and encouraging adoption of ancient/new ways to preserve excess food (solar drying of fruits and vegetables; pickling vegetables/fruits; salting meats/fish;cheese making; for example).

4. Help prevent further malaria deaths

Especially in young children and pregnant women, via indoor residual spraying to kill the mosquitoes that spread this horrible disease in the area where we work.

5. Help provide educational opportunities for orphans in Malawi wishing to go on to secondary education

6. Provide an opportunity for American 4th year medical students to travel to and work in the Malawian healthcare system

This allows these students to best learn how to practice medicine in a resource poor country, using their clinical skills to the utmost, since few tests are available. In addition, it is hoped that the experience for these medical students will foster a lifelong desire to help provide medical care to the least fortunate and most medically under-served people of the world. Finally, American trained medical students will also be able to learn much about the most common diseases of Malawi: malaria, AIDS, diarrheal illness, malnutrition, and poverty, to name a few. Another mission of the organization is to promote a greater understanding of the dire needs of the overwhelmed healthcare system of Malawi amongst members of the general public in America.


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