OUR WEBSITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION AT PRESENT; WE APOLOGIZE FOR IT’S CURRENT STATE. please contact Dr. Brian Lisse at lisse@massmed.org if your questions aren’t answered here or check us out again in about a month.

Our Mission

Bridges to Malawi is a small secular nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the people of the Kasungu District of Malawi. Our numerous programs include:

Annual Medical Mission Trip
Goat Pass on Program
Land Lease
Famine Relief
Cows and Ploughs

Mooncatcher Program
Secondary School Supplies and Equipment: Solar Powered Laptops; Solar Powered Flashlights


    Malaria Protection, Education and Indoor Residual Spraying
    Business Startup Micro-Credit Loans

Please help us make life better for the poor people of Malawi!  Thank You.

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