Irrigation Success – 2016

10th October, 2016. – Peter Minjale.


On behalf of K2 TASO I am pleased to inform you that the irrigation work with support from Bridges to Malawi (BTM) is going on well.  This pump is being shared among four people working along the same river.

Irrigation with Treadle Pump
Irrigation with Treadle Pump

PHOTO 1: IRRIGATION MADE SIMPLE: Mr. Josephy Phiri , beneficiary under Gogode AIDS Support group working on a treadle pump to do irrigation. The water source is a river just behind him. Thanks to BTM for the financial support to procure the irrigation treadle pump. 




Working Treadle Pump
Working Treadle Pump

PHOTO 2: IRRIGATION PROOF: Evidence of a working treadle pump as water is being ejected while Phiri is doing work of pumping from his money-maker treadle pump. It is a user friendly pump.




Beneficiaries of Irrigation Treadle Pump - Village of Gogode
Beneficiaries of Irrigation Treadle Pump – Village of Gogode

Photo 3: BRAVO BTM: Beneficiaries (at Gogode) of Irrigation Treadle Pump from BTM happily posing with K2 TASO director, Peter Minjale following donation of the pump.
The irrigation work will promote the nutrition and economic status of our beneficiaries.




On behalf of K2 TASO and the beneficiaries I am once again grateful to BTM for your support.